Latex Share

Latex Share

🖤 Latex clothes are all made of natural latex imported from Thailand

🖤 Natural latex, the largest function tested has a certain anti-bacterial effect, mites can not attach, latex unique smell has the effect of insect repellent.

🖤 Latex clothing has unique characteristics than ordinary leather clothing, flat, super elastic, smooth, waterproof.

🖤 Latex clothing will bring you a tight, wrapped unique experience, after a slight sweating latex clothing will be tightly absorbed in the skin, experience the unique pleasure!

🖤 Latex clothing is extremely elastic, non-deformable, washable, economical and durable. But latex is not resistant to high temperatures, so the cost of making clothes is high.

🔸 Keep away from heat source, light source, metal, oil, solvent, moisture.
🔸The clothes received are matte, if you need to polish, you can use latex oil.
🔸 Wash with warm water and dry naturally. Avoid using detergents and wiping hard.
🔸 Make sure the garment is well lubricated and avoid excessive external forces and nails or sharp objects that can tear the garment.
🔸 Sizes are flat data, try to choose one to two inches smaller than the actual size for a tighter fit if you have a personal preference for a tighter fit.
🔸 As latex suit products are handmade, please confirm your whole body size with customer service before placing an order.

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